What We Offer

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality water treatment solutions to each and every one of our customers. Over the last 10 years, since our start, we’ve continued to grow while staying true to our original mission — to give you a winning service that you can rely on.


Founded in 2011 and headquartered in california, aquacomp water purifiers  specializes in the design, development, fabrication and supply of high quality water treatment solutions that remove a wide range of contaminants from water. 


Our latest technology has proven track record of customer satisfaction .

We could made a mark in the market due to our innovative water purification technology that provides a complete solution for water purification. We are striving hard to give complete solution to our customer as they are assured to get a total freedom  from water related problems.



Contaminants break their bond with the water molecules and chemically adhere to our industry standard adsorption media. This is typically accomplished by directing the water flow through pressure vessels containing the filter media at a rate that allows enough contact time for adsorption to occur.

Reverse osmosis 

We uses high pressure through the latest membrane to filters out dissolved ions, molecules, and solids (nanofiltration). 

ion exchange

Water softening through Ion exchange where one or more undesirable ionic contaminants are removed from water by exchange with another non-objectionable ionic substance.


The physical or chemical separation process that separates solid matter and fluid from a mixture using our advanced filter medium that has a complex structure through which only the fluid can pass.


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Very good of its kind!!

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Impressive and Outstanding!!

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